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Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door SpringsOur company has excellent garage door repair services and specializes on garage door spring services. We consider springs very important garage door parts, which are actually vital for your security. Their excellent performance is essential and in fact, a prerequisite for the outstanding and secure operation of your garage door.

Depending on their weight, garage doors carry either extension springs or torsions springs.  The torsion spring is appropriate for heavier doors and is mounted at the door center.  The extension spring is more suitable for lighter doors and mounted on the far right and left of the door.  Nowadays, you can also find galvanized garage door torsion or extension springs as well, which are even stronger and add a touch of finesse on your door’s facade.  Galvanized springs have been known to last for decades because they are coated with iron and zinc and bonded to 3600 psi.  We highly recommend that our customers don’t try to replace the springs on their own; but rather allow one of our professionals to do it so their safety is not in jeopardy.

Our garage door contractor offers excellent garage door opener choices.

You can choose among the superb brand names of Marantec, Sears, Genie, Liftmaster, Chamberlain and Craftsman. At the same time you must select a drive motor, which is suitable to your opener: people usually pick the chain drive because it is cheap but also noisy; another option is the screw drive, which costs a bit more but makes less noise and finally you can choose the belt drive because it doesn’t make any noise at all, though it is much more expensive. Our technicians will help you pick the most appropriate one for your door and they will regularly engage on garage door opener troubleshooting to ensure the opener’s excellent condition.

Regular maintenance and adjustments will guarantee the long lasting of your garage door and will prevent early damages and malfunctions. Our expert technicians will repair any dents, cracks or other possible damages and they will ensure your garage door’s stability and durability by their regularly maintenance lubrication service, which will stop any annoying squeaks. Every inch of your garage door system is checked and then checked again to make sure everything is lubricated and adjusted.  We know that this service will save you money down the road.

Smaller parts of your garage door should not be neglected; after all, each and every garage door part is very significant for its good operation and your safety. Remotes, for example, are vital because they allow you to remain within the safety of your own car when you open or close your garage door thus ensuring your protection from potential criminals or bad weather. As technology speeds its way into the future, new garage door remote models are introduced in the market, which combine various functions making your life even easier. Our expert technicians will assist you to choose among the multi code, the clicker, the Liftmaster security or the genie intellicode, while they will repair your old remote or replace it with a new one.

In fact, our company has the expertise in all kinds of garage door replacements and installations. Even if you need or desire a new garage door our people will introduce you to the latest models and explain you the technical differences between wooden, aluminum, glass, steel and craftsman garage doors. They can install your garage door with absolute professionalism and they will make sure of its steady performance. They will keep engaging in regular maintenances and repairs of any damaged parts in the future fixing broken cables, replacing weather strips or snapped cables, repairing tracks or cables that came off drum, so that you can enjoy your everyday life without preoccupying about garage door malfunctions.

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